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Wednesday 20140903 Open Class

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Coach Dave hitting up CrossFit Fontana while out in California. 

Due to a Field House event, there will only be the 0600 class on Thursday the 4th. 



Make up Monday or Tuesday


Power Snatch work up to 90% of TM

If working Power Snatch, work up to 90% of Training Max.  Take a minimum of 5 singles with increases in weight each time prior to doing the 90%.



Partner WOD
4 rounds
200m Run
15 Tire Jump Thru
10 Tire Flips

Exercises are totals for each team.  Run must be conducted together, Jump Thru may not start until both partners are at the tire, then the Jump Thru’s will be where athlete 1 does one, athlete 2 does one until all 15 are complete, then the Tire Flips are done as a team.

— There can be only one!  The Partners at the end with the best time conduct a challenge.  Max Burpees in 30 Seconds.  Start after all teams have finished.



Snatch High Pull 4×3 using 120%  Power Snatch weight