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Tuesday 20140930 Open Class

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Shadow Coach Logan went to Las Vegas this last weekend to get his Level 1. It was hosted by CrossFit Max Effort, and Coaches at the cert were Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Dave Lipson, Zach & Lindsay Forrest, Nuno Costa, and Nadia Shatila. We can’t wait to have you coaching open classes solo. Congrats Logan! 



High Bar Back Squat

5x 75%

3x 85%

1+ @ 95% (PR)

2sec Pause Sets 5×1@ 75%

Keep the chest UP!  On the pause sets, do NOT to lose tension at the bottom.  They should be like a coiled spring waiting to EXPLODE!



Every 90 seconds for 15 min

2 Front Squats (use finish weight of HBBS)

20 Double unders

Scaling Options:

DU: 2-1 Singles



Using  Front Squat weight  add 90/50 #,

(Heavy, Heavy, more then you can front squat)

3 Rounds

60 Second Front Rack Hold

60 Second Rest

Don’t step out of the rack in the Front Rack Holds.  Simply come under the bar in Front Rack and stand up with the weight so it is not touching the J-hooks. While in the Front rack, try to point elbows as high as possible.  The added load works to help increase flexability, meaning a better front rack in FS and Cleans, etc….