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Tuesday 20140923 Open Class

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Coach Salt at Team RWB Mid West Regional CF. Camp. Coached by Graham Holmberg, 2010 CF Games Champion.



High Back Back Squat

3x 70%

3x 80%

3+ x 90%

2 second Pause Sets 5x 2 @ 70%

No back rounding or ass shooting in the air.  HBBS, so assume the position as you would in a clean or snatch.



5 Rounds for Max Distance
– 1 Min Walking Lunge w/ KB in any position (1.5/1.0)
– 1 Min Suitcase Carry with KB

#Grit.  Dig in and hold on, but keep good posture.  If backs are rounded, stop.

Scaling Options:

Adjust KB weight appropriately



Reverse Hypers

4x 15

Find manageable weight, keep form strict

DO THESE!  Weak posterior chain? Then do Reverse Hypers!