Tuesday 20130226 Open Workout

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Day 26 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge!

Do them in your pre-warm up and get them out of the way for the day!


With the current NFL Combine going on, we thought it would be a good time for us to test your skills in some of the drills seen in the Combine.  Even if you’ve never played a day of football in your life, I want each of you to take away from this, that to be athletic in ANYTHING, there are numerous skills you must try to perfect.  The Combine Drills touch on a few…


NFL Combine:

2011 NFL Scouting Combine - Day 2Ed DicksonPics courtesy of the NFL

Event 1: 50M sprint – two attempts – record best time
Event 2: 225/150 Bench Press Max rep – record reps
Event 3: Vertical Jump – 2 attempts – record best height
Event 4: Broad Jump – 2 attempts – record best distance
Event 5: 3 Cone Drill – 2 attempts – record best time
Event 6: Shuttle Run – 2 attempts – record best time

Post all results to Comments/LogWOD


Breakdown of the events:

Event 1 – The 40-yard dash is the marquee event at the combine. It’s kind of like the 100-meters at the Olympics: It’s all about speed, explosion and watching skilled athletes run great times. These athletes are timed at 10, 20 and 40-yard intervals. What the scouts are looking for is an explosion from a static start.  For our purposes, we will do a 50M sprint.

Event 2 – The bench press is a test of strength — 225 pounds, as many reps as the athlete can get. What the NFL scouts are also looking for is endurance. Anybody can do a max one time, but what the bench press tells the pro scouts is how often the athlete frequented his college weight room for the last 3-5 years.  We will scale as needed for this one as well.

Event 3 – The vertical jump is all about lower-body explosion and power. The athlete stands flat-footed and they measure his reach. It is important to accurately measure the reach, because the differential between the reach and the flag the athlete touches is his vertical jump measurement.

Event 4 – The broad jump is like being in gym class back in junior high school. Basically, it is testing an athlete’s lower-body explosion and lower-body strength. The athlete starts out with a stance balanced and then he explodes out as far as he can. It tests explosion and balance, because he has to land without moving.

Event 5 – The 3 cone drill tests an athlete’s ability to change directions at a high speed. Three cones in an L-shape. He starts from the starting line, goes 5 yards to the first cone and back. Then, he turns, runs around the second cone, runs a weave around the third cone, which is the high point of the L, changes directions, comes back around that second cone and finishes.  See video below (courtesy of K Bands Resistance)

Event 6 – The short shuttle is the first of the cone drills. It is known as the 5-10-5. What it tests is the athlete’s lateral quickness and explosion in short areas. The athlete starts in the three-point stance, explodes out 5 yards to his right, touches the line, goes back 10 yards to his left, left hand touches the line, pivot, and he turns 5 more yards and finishes.  See video below (courtesy of K Bands Resistance)


Cash Out:

Mobility!  Pick two drills from the posters and work 5 minutes each



Comp Piece (done after regular class):

A. Front Squats: 2×4 @ 80% of 1RM
B. Every 30sec. for 12 rounds; 1 Full Clean @ 60% of Front Squat 1RM (if not caught in the bottom of a front squat- no rep)
C. 50 pistols for time

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