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Monday 20130211 Open Workout

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Day 11 of the Burpee Challenge!

Y’all did your burpees this weekend, right?


Hand Stand Walk

Spend 10-15 minutes working technique

For those without HandStand walks…

Progression #1: Get inverted. Hold HS against wall. From there (heels together, toes pointed, squeezing butt, tight core, active shoulders, arms locked) shift weight from side to side until can lightly pick hands off the ground. 

>This can also be done with feet on a box for beginning level athlete. Key thing is to get hips above shoulders. 

If you get this pretty well, try moving to the below (courtesy of CrossFit Paradiso)

followed by…

2 minutes-  Max Double Unders

Post reps to comments/LogWOD

Compare to your numbers from 7Jul2012.  Click here to check.

Mobility Work:

Pick 1-2 hip mobility drills. Pick 1-2 shoulder mobility drills

20 minutes

Cash Out:

push-up-on-toespic courtesy of

Group Challenge: Timed plank hold….. Last man planking

Get in a push-up position (hands just outside shoulders, arms locked, heels together, shoulders hips & heels in line) Next squeeze core  and point toes bringing shoulders just past hands

Who gets the crown of last man (or woman) planking?

Assistance Work (done on your own time):

3 rounds max time Handstand Holds