Monday 20130225 Open Workout

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Programming Note:

You will see a slight change in the listing for our Open workouts.  We have decided to add an extra element for those looking to push themselves further for Competition preparedness.  There will be an additional piece listed for these Comp athletes, but that piece will be for them to do either before or after the class.  Those looking to do the Comp Piece will still warm up, do the S/S/S piece, and WOD along with everyone else (in some WODs, there may be a higher bar set, weight-wise for the Comp folks).  If you to do the Comp piece after that, you can break off after the WOD.  If you do it earlier or will do it later in the day, then you will do the Cash Out with everyone else too.

We will layer (in regards to volume) the comp piece over the Open piece.
Light days will consist of Olympic (Oly) lifting with low load. The focus will be mechanics and fundamentals such as: getting into the bottom of the snatch correctly, triple extension, or hitting a powerful lockout in a jerk vs. pressing out.
Medium days consist of Gymnastics and or Oly variations. Then gymnastics can be anything from strengthening body weight movements, skill improvement, to skill transfer. The Oly variation is a medium load that is or has a direct correlation to improving Olympic lifting.
Heavy Days are concentrated on heavy load and hitting strength work in the Oly lifts.
Rest days are either no extra work or simply an active recover: yoga, jogging with a silent “j”, or playing with the dog/kids.

The layout on top of the week is as follows:
Monday: Light
Tuesday: Medium
Wednesday: Heavy
Thursday: Medium
Friday: Rest
Saturday/Sunday: Heavy (if you can’t make Saturday, it will be the same workout on Sunday)

The goal here is to give those looking to compete extra work in skill movements.  These extra pieces are going to be set with a purpose to improve performance, not just make you workout longer.  But, know that this extra piece will make you have to be around longer than the scheduled one-hour class.  If you want to stick around for these pieces and have questions, speak to the coach on staff.  We will do our best to try to have a coach present to assist after class, but if it is not possible for a coach to be there for the extra piece, we still want to make sure you do this piece safely, so please don’t hesitate to ask for guidance.

Now, back to Monday…..

Day 25 of the 100-Day Burpee Challenge!

A quarter of the way there!


15 minutes to find your 3-Rep Max (3RM) on Strict Press

Post highest successful 3-rep set to comments/LogWOD


Compare numbers to 31May2012 (Click here to refresh your memory)

Do reps of 7, 5, 5, 3, 3 increasing weight each set.

Video courtesy of Paradiso CrossFit

If you need to pause during set, do it at the top of the press (active shoulders) and use stretch reflex at the bottom of each rep.  Stopping at the bottom allows the shoulders to roll forward.  Use stretch reflex, but DON’T bounce!


5 Rounds For Time:
1 Power clean
2 Push Presses
3 Thrusters
4 Push jerks

Use 165/115 for all movements

Post time to Comments/LogWOD

Cash Out:

3 sets of Bulgarian Split Squats

Video courtesy of High Point Strength.  Basic set up for Bulgarian split squat is bar is on the back like a back squat.  Have a bench or box behind you, put one foot on box/bench.  Squat with other leg.  Still get crease of the hip below the knee.  Do 5-8 reps per leg.  Try to increase weight each set

Comp Piece (done after regular class):

A. Find box jump max height- no more than 10 attempts

B. 10 rounds of 30sec hanging L-sit hold –  rest as needed between rounds

Oh,  and hanging L-Sit means, hang from a pull-up bar….if that wasn’t clear before…

  1. Courtland says:

    It this new programming I see. It freaking awesome. I am ready to get some work done.

  2. Ben Yates says:

    Press – 135

    9:50 #135

  3. sanchez says:


    00:12:45 RX

    this WOD was a Beast freakin EPIC

  4. Randy N. says:

    press – 175
    WOD 5:04 @135
    Box jump – 49.5″

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