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Friday 20130215 Open Workout

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Day 15 of the 100 Day Burpee Challenge!


Back Squat 12 sets of 2 at 60% of your 1RM

Set starts every minute

Post weight used to comments/LogWOD

These should be QUICK out of the hole.  Set up properly, screw the feet into the ground, come down with tension, and EXPLODE up!


Every 15 seconds for 20 rounds:
1 Power Clean @ 75% of 1RM

Post total successful rounds to comments/LogWOD

The timer will be set to go off every 15 seconds.  If you have not done a successful rep by the time the timer goes off during any round, rest until you hear the timer go off again.  But that means your total rep count goes down one.

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Matt Chan covering the Power Clean. 

Things to remember:

Hard/fast hip extension from mid-thigh to get the bar moving

Quickly pull yourself under the bar in the catch position (land solid in partial squat with chest up, butt back)

FAST Elbow whip to set up the perfect rack to catch the bar

Don’t forget to fully stand (hips fully open) before dropping the bar

Cash Out:

3 sets of 15 Reverse Hyperextensions

sweat angel

Looks like Chris Daniels had a close encounter with a Sweat Angel.  How many of you have had this fun experience?  Share your story.