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Friday 20130222 Open Workout

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ANNOUNCEMENT:  Offutt is on a two-hour late reporting for Friday. Therefore, the 0600 class for Friday is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. Drive Safe! As of right now, the 1130 class is still a go. If that changes, we will update

Day 22 of the 100-day Burpee Challenge!

548320_10151099855665482_1536511810_nCoach Mieke will be doing her’s (while in Cali).  Are you doing yours?


20 Minutes to Establish a 1-Rep Max (1RM) on Full Clean

Post highest successful lift to comments/LogWOD

I would suggest doing sets of 7, 5, 5, 3 before going into 1 rep sets.  Work your weight up!

Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.  Matt Chan demonstrating the full squat clean.  Unless otherwise annotated, if we show Clean for any part of our workout, it’s a full squat clean.  The only thing I would correct on Matt’s description is, unlike a deadlift, with the clean, you’ll drop the hips lower in the set up to keep your chest up.  Remember to explosively open the hips (JUMP!) and then pull your body under the bar, quick elbow whip, and  drop quickly to the bottom of a front squat.  Movement ends when you stand back up, hips fully open.


Row For Distance:

10 Sets of 30 Second Sprints

Work: 30sec Rest: 2min

Post total distance to comments/LogWOD

Post best individual effort to comments as well

With the two minute break, your goal here is to go all out in the 30 seconds.  This is a SPRINT!  Break some records!

Video courtesy of the CorssFit Journal.  When it comes to rowing in CrossFit, there are three common errors: early back opening, early arm break and the extreme layback.

When the back opens early in the stroke, much of the hip drive is missing, says Shane Farmer of CrossFit Rowing. The legs and hips should work in harmony, he explains.

“As the legs get close to finishing, then we’re going to kick our hips in to continue momentum and help us finish the stroke,” Farmer says.

He adds that keeping a nice posture is key.

In the early arm break, Farmer gives a shout-out to Olympic weightlifting coach Mike Burgener.

“When the arm bends, the power ends,” Farmer says.

The arms fatigue quickly, he notes, but they don’t need to.

In the extreme lay-back—where some athletes pull the handle all the way to the face—power is lost, Farmer explains.

“We see this at almost every single competition, and I’m here to tell you that is not how you get length in the stroke,” he says.

Get long at compression in the front, he says, while keeping the knees just under the arms, the hamstrings loaded and the back tight.

Cash Out:

4 sets of 10 Glute-Ham Raises

Extra Credit (Done On Your Own Time):

5 sets 3 reps of heavy clean grip high pulls