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Thursday 20130214 Open Workout

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Following the 0900 class this Saturday, the Field House staff will be sealing down the perimeter of our mat area.  This will keep all our mats in place.  But, for this to happen, the TactFit area needs to be closed off until the sealant dries.  So, after 0900 until at the very least, half of Sunday, the TactFit area will be closed off.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Day 14 of the Burpee Challenge!


Do them with a loved one for Valentine’s Day.  Share the Love!

I-Love-CrossFit-CrossFit Armourypic courtesy of CrossFit Armoury




“The St. Valentine’s Day Rowing Massacre” (yup, I said it!)


5 Rounds For Time:
Row 100m / 10 Hand Release Push ups
—–Rest 5min—–

4 Rounds For Time:
Row 100m / 10 Hand Stand Push Ups
—–Rest 3min—–

3 Rounds For Time:
Row 100m / 10 Ring Dips


Post time for each segment to comments/LogWOD


If you notice, these should be very quick sprints.  There is programmed rest time, so while working, KEEP GOING!

Cash Out:

5 sets of false grip ring pullups


Work Pistols between sets