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Wednesday 20130206 Open Workout

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Day 6 of the Burpee Challenge!!!

say it with me “I love burpees!!”


Movement prep for…


“ABC, …easy as 123…”

For Time: 10-20-30
Overhead Squats (155/115)(115/95)(75/45)
Double Unders

Post time to comments/LogWOD


So, to clarify, you’ll do 155/115 on overhead squats for 10, do 10 Double Unders, 10 Knees2Elbows, then 115/95 on overhead squats for 20, 20 DUs, 20 K2E, then 75/45 on overhead squats for 30, 30 DUs, 30 K2E.

And, for overhead squats, the bar will come from the ground, not the rack.  That means, you can …

-squat snatch into your first rep

-power snatch into position then begin squatting, or

-clean the bar up, pop it up over to a back squat position, adjust your hands to OHS stance and push press the weight up and then begin overhead squats


Leah OHS

Our resident Overhead Squat model, Leah demonstrating the desired outcome of an Active Shoulder position at the top of an Overhead Squat.  Arms fully locked out, shoulders externally rotated, upper back engaged.  Result?  The most stable position you can achieve with a load overhead.  Maintain that through the Overhead Squats today for sure!

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Chris Spealler and Matt Chan demonstrate proper and efficient Knees to Elbow and Toes to Bar.  For today’s WOD, you’ll be using Knee2Elbow.  Try this today.  Try dropping the legs straight down where they stay inline with the rack.  First thing you should notice?  You’re not swinging all over the place, meaning you’re in better control.  Throwing the legs straight down will also set you for the next rep, as it puts you right into the kip swing for these.  Try it, and watch your time on these drop like crazy!

Cash Out:

3 sets of Pendlay Rows

Watch the form on these.  Back stays flat, grip is wide enough to let bar touch ground w/flat back.  Each rep starts with bar at dead stop on the ground

Assistance Work (Done on your own Time):

3 sets of L Sits on rings for time

Goal, feet stay above hips