20160829 Monday Open Wod

Posted: August 28, 2016 by courtland07 in Uncategorized

Major shoutouts to Sonja and Matt on completing their L1 this weekend. Welcome to the coaching team and we look forward to seeing you grow. 




10min AMRAP

8 Alt Dumbbell snatches 65/35

20 Double Unders


4 Sets of:

  • Push Up x 15

  • Strict Chin Up x 10

  • High Box Jump x 5 (30/24)


DB snatch ->45/25

2:1 single to double

Push ups ->off box or bench

Strict chins – banded

BJ – 26/22 ->24/20 -> 20/16

  1. Bruce says:

    Heeeey, Courtland! So this is just me thinking out loud, and I know that it will take some planning, – that being said, could we try a WOD with swimming or something in the water? I think it’d be pretty cool, and that people would enjoy it.
    Not many boxes have access to a pool down a lane, so why not take advantage of it.
    P.S- I don’t mean to be that person who always has a suggestion…sry lol

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