20160815 Monday Open WOD

Posted: August 14, 2016 by courtland07 in Uncategorized


Front Squat



Sprinter Annie

Run 200m, 50 DU, 50 sit ups

Run 200m, 40 DU, 40 sit ups

Run 200m, 30 DU, 30 sit ups

Run 200m, 20 DU, 20 sit ups

Run 200m, 10 DU, 10 sit ups


Upscale sit-ups to GHD

DU to SU at 2:1

  1. Bruce says:

    Talk about DU practice

  2. Bruce says:

    Hey Courtland…the new Rogue Speed ropes in the cage that are in bags-are those for sale? I got a new speed rope but can’t stand the short handles, and those are the ones I’ve been meaning to buy.

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