Thursday 20150716 Open Workout

Posted: July 15, 2015 by eweirick in Uncategorized
You may have seen him around, beasting every WOD. Unfortunately, some good things must come to an end. Coach Thatcher Cardon will join the list of tremendous athletes and outstanding leaders to leave us much too soon. Best of luck in your new assignment sir! CAN!

Thatcher Going Away



Bench Press

5, 5, 5+

add 2-5# from 29 June




12, 9, 6, 3

Power Cleans (185/130)

Ring Dips


Scaling Options:

Power Cleans – Shoot for 70% of 1RM

Ring Dips – stationary/ box dip



Door stretch x 2 min per

Tricep mash x 3 min per

Pull-Up Training:

5 rds

4 x Ecc Pull-ups @BW

Rest: 60

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