Monday 20150713 Open Workout

Posted: July 12, 2015 by eweirick in Uncategorized
PCS season is in full swing. Which means we’re saying goodbye to some tremendous coaches, athletes, and just all around good people. Coach Brian Haggerty is already in training for his next command. We miss you already Brian. CAN!





4 Sets of “Flying 40’s”

Sprint is 100m total



Team Tire Flip WOD (Teams of 2 or 3):

For Time:

25 Tire Flips

25 Burpee Tire Jump throughs

25 Sledge Hammer strikes

200m Run


Scaling Options:

Use lighter tire

Step through the tire

250m Row



Video courtesy of Rogue Fitness.


GHRs 4 X 12 (use band if needed)

Banded Hamstring stretch – 2 min per

Heel cord mash – 2 min per

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