Monday 20140929 Open Class

Posted: September 28, 2014 by ladygrape01 in Uncategorized

IMG952891 IMG_2889

Jeff Hart and Carl Eitzen at the STRATCOM Birthday Ball Friday night! 



Overhead Press

5x 75%

3x 85%

1+ @ 95% (PR)

Tight ass, hollowed out mid section, double chin, and PRESS!…then head through at the top.



Get full extension at the bottom, chin above at the top.  Why false grip PU?  Gets you comfortable for false grip on MUs. Video courtesy of DemonDrills.

5 Rounds

4 Push Press (205/135)

3 Pistols per leg

2 False grip pull ups

Scaling Options:

PP: 185/115, 155/95

Pistols: Hold on to something

FG PU: Banded FG



Fight to keep legs straight. Video courtesy of Nakaathletics.

5 Rounds

5 L-Sit Chin Ups

5 L-Sit Pull-ups


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