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Thursday 20120607 Open Workout

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After some heavy lifts the last few days, time to get some rowing on!


For Time:

750m Row

15 Handstand Pushup

500m Row

10 Handstand Pushup

250m Row

5 Handstand Pushup

Video courtesy of Concept2 Australia.  To review proper rowing technique, go here.

rowing concept

Maintaining good technique will be key to getting good times on the rows.

Post total time to comments/

Extra Credit:

6x100m sprints

Cash Out:

Running recovery


Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  On the third stretch, notice the big difference between this and the pigeon stretch is on this one you will be trying to keep the foot planted the whole time.

For those who haven’t met him, this is Big Tim Lewis.  Great addition to the afternoon crowd.  Great guy, and oh yeah, strong as an ox! (that’s 450 and he picked it up like it was warmup weight)

Speaking of afternoon.  Due to coaching constraints, we are considering combining the 1700 and 1800 classes to one class at 1730.  Will this have an effect on whether or not you attend class?  Put your thoughts to comments.