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Saturday 20120602 Open Workout

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We will be running one class today @ 0900


Over Head Squat

Take 12 minutes to work up to 1 rep max OHS – use weighted rep scheme of

7,5,5,3,3 then 1 + 1 (if needed)

Tire Flip Technique

Video courtsey of the CrossFit Journal as well as this exerpt.

“You were born to do this,” Rob Orlando says. “We have to put you in the right position and it’ll happen naturally.”
Join Orlando, owner of Hybrid Athletics, as he teaches tire-flipping technique to CrossFitters in the U.K.
Orlando asks his assistant, Carey Kepler, to demonstrate proper tire-flipping technique, and she sets up with her chest and shoulders against the tire, gripping underneath.
“We’re not going up and we’re not sliding forward. We’re going somewhere in the middle. We’re looking for 45 degrees,” Orlando says of the drive into the tire.
The first step is extending the hip without changing the arm angle. Next is a stutter step and kick with your dominant leg so the tire never stops moving. Keep your grip underneath the tire.
“If you can get the tire to your thigh, you should be able to get the tire over. You’ve done most of the work. All you have to do is get a little bit lower and keep driving up,” he says. This might take the form of ratcheting the tire up if it is really heavy.
Orlando drills his class through the movement and addresses mechanical issues that arise with different body types and different tires.



In teams of 2: complete the following:

5 Tire Flips, 50 Double-unders, 50 V-Ups

4 Tire Flips, 40 Double-unders, 40 V-Ups

3 Tire Flips, 30 Double-unders, 30 V-Ups

2 Tire Flips, 20 Double-unders, 20 V-Ups

1 Tire Flip, 10 Double-unders, 10 V-Ups

Tire flips are done as a team; DU and V-Ups only one partner working at a time.
Don’t forget…

We will be running a Special 5 day Strength and Conditioning Mini Camp 11-15 June.  It will consist of two-a-day training at 0800 and 1600 each day, and then a special three-a-day on Friday (0800-1200-1600).  All Mini Camp sessions will be 1 hour in length will include a warmup associated with the activity of the day, a Strength/Skill training session that includes specific instruction (will teach squat, deadlift, power clean, press, bench press), speed work, footwork, balance work, and conditioning drills, warm down stretch.