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Monday 20120618 Open Workout

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We’ll spend some time prepping for….


Chipper:  for Time

20 Bodyweight Front Squat *

400m Run

50 hand release pushups

50 air squats

50 double unders

1000m Row

Post time to comments/

*Add ONE rep to the front squats for every 5 pounds deducted from bodyweight.  And yes, you can take the bar out from a rack.

Video courtesy of Northstate CrossFit.  Have a good set up for the front squats.  Drive the elbows up to create that shelf!  You’ll be handling a relatively heavy load, so the better your rack, the better position yo will be in for a successful front squat.  Remember, hips back and then down.  Don’t come up on your toes, push the knees out, maintain a good lumbar curve.  On the ascent, lead with the elbows to help maintain the lumbar curve and not let the shoulder and back round forward.  Get after it!

Cash Out:

Lay on your side on top of a large PVC pipe with your arm up in the active shoulder position and roll.  1 minute per side.

Big thanks to all who came out for Marco’s going away WOD this weekend.  Lot’s of hard work and sweat.  And thanks John Hendricks for hosting the BBQ after.  Safe travels Marco and we’ll see you down the road!