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Thursday 20120614 Open Workout

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DEADLIFT – 5, 5, 5

Use 85% of your 3RM.  (So if your 3RM is 300, you will use 255)  To find when you last set your 3RM, look at 1June2012 here…

If you were not here to set a 3RM, find a weight that you can handle for 5 reps.


Video courtesy of Starting Strength.  Coach Rip going over proper deadlift set up.  These same steps are what we stress every time you deadlift.  In truth, the set up and execution is quite simple.  Just make sure you reset your position every rep.


4 Rounds for Time:

5 power cleans (135/75)

25 Wall Ball (20/14)

25 Butterfly Sit-ups  

250m Row

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Rules for the WOD:

-If you cannot power clean Rx’d weight, for every 10lbs you remove from the bar, add 1 rep to your required reps per round.

-Wall Balls=Full Squat and MUST hit target.  If not, NO REP! 

-Butterfly sit-up.  If fingers do not go past toes=NO REP!

And if a coach tells you NO REP, don’t take it personally.  We are helping you achieve proper form and get the most out of every rep.  So, if you want to say thank you, then that’s okay 🙂

Extra Credit:

100 Chest to Deck Pushups.  Add 5 Burpees at the end for every time you had to stop.

Cash Out:

Rollout: Back

Wanted to say a proper welcome back to one of TOTF’s originals, Abigail Eastman.  Glad to see you back in our classes.  And this time she brought her husband!  Great to see you guys in the afternoons!