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Wednesday 20120620 Open Workout

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Review : Thruster – Kipping Pull Ups – Burpees, because…


5 Rounds

15 sec AMRAP: Thruster (135/95)

45 sec rest

15 sec AMRAP kipping pullups

45 sec rest

15 sec AMRAP Burpee

45 sec rest

Score is total reps

Post score to comments/

As you can see, each time you are only doing work for 15 seconds.  What does that mean for you?  GO ALL OUT!  Push yourself to get as many FULL reps  on each movement.  It is a 1:3 work to rest ratio.  Use the rest to catch your breath, then give it EVERYTHING you’ve got!  CAN!

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Chris Spealler teaching Kipping pull up efficiency.  For today’s WOD, as you are looking for max reps in 15 secods, you may want to go for more of a gymnastics kip as demonstrated in the video as you are able to pop out more reps in less time.  Key to making the swing quick is tight core.  It creates a spring-like action at the bottom of your swing, allowing you to spring backup.  If you relax the core, you will let your body to open up too much at the bottom of the swing, making your reps slower.  Don’t just be fast, be sudden….BUT SAFE!

Video courtesy

of CrossFit SC.  Yes, this vid has been posted before, but the tips Jason Khalipa give will translate well into todays WOD.  The more hip thrust power you generate after you come out of the bottom of the front squat will make the lockout that muc easier, thus allowing you to go right back into another reps.  More CORRECT reps = better score.

Extra Credit:

GH Raises 5×5

Video courtesy of FLw 119.  For set up, position the GHD so when your body is fully extended the top of the pad is below the hip joint.  At the top of the movement, as seen on the video, your legs will be fully curled and from your knee to your head will be a straight line.  As you extend the legs, keep hips fully opened and maintain lumbar curve.  The bottom position for the rep will have the legs fully extended, and the body will be in a straight line, parallel with the ground.  From here, raise back up with just the use of glutes and hamstrings.  If done right, these will be rough.

Cash Out:

Improving thruster position.

Videoa courtesy of Mobilty WOD.  Spend 2 minutes per movement per side today.  If you don’t have two lacrosse balls that you can tape together, use one and do one side at a time on the spine roll.