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Wednesday 20120613 Open Workout

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Five Rounds for time;

1 rep press (85% 1RM )

1 strict pullup

1 press

3 strict pullups

1 press

5 strict pullups

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No jumping pullups!!!! These pullups will be either strict or strict with a band.  Kipping will not be allowed either.

Press HAS to end with active shoulder.  If no lockout/active shoulder=NO REP!

Video courtesy of CrossFIt HQ.  Coach Burgener showing how with active shoulder, you must get an external rotation to fully engage the shoulders.  Yes, in the video her grip is wide in the OHS position, but the rule stillapplies when doing press.

Strict Pull Up demo.  Video courtesy of Integrated Fitness.  Range of motion is full lockout at the bottom, with active shoulder.  No kip, pull up until chin goes over bar.

Extra Credit:

Skill: Muscle Ups

Cash Out:

Overhead Lat Mobility


Now that’s Paleo!  Have you seen this guy before?  I’m sure many of you have.  It’s Coach Marco munching down a well-deserved turkey leg after the Warrior Dash this past weekend.  For those who haven’t heard, Marco will soon be leaving us for the East Coast.  He has been a huge part of the success of CFTOTF.  None of what we have would be possible without him.

So, I am inviting each and every one of you to a special event in the TactFit area at 1500 this Saturday.  Details to be released at the event.  Be there!