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Wednesday 20120627 Open Workout

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 We will spend some time going over the movements for….


7 Rounds for time:

7 Over Head Squat (95/65lbs)

7 Ring Dips

7 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

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For the Overhead Squats, hit full depth and ensure you keep active shoulders.  For the Ring Dips, ensure your shoulders make contact with the rings at the bottom of the move and you get full lockout at the top.  For Box Jumps, we will use Games Standards, meaning, your hips must fully open at the top of the box before you jump off.  NO BOUNDING!

Extra Credit:

4 x 200m sprints.  Rest is the time it takes you to walk back to the starting line.

Cash Out:

Overhead position: Start at 3:20 of this video.  Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.

Pic below courtesy of the CrossFit Games site.  Just wanted to share this story with you all about what a Military Affiliate (just like us) is capable of doing.  Click on the pic below for the full Story of Shogun CrossFit.

If there are any athletes out there interested in competition, please see me over the next couple of days for info about a Throw Down benefit event at CrossFit Omaha on Sunday, July 8th.  I will post details as a comment for this post.  If interested, post in comments.