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Wednesday 20120606 Open Workout

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DEADLIFT – 85% 1RM One Rep On The Minute for 15 min

Look off of last Friday’s entry for your 1RM


5 Rounds of…

3 min AMRAP

3 Hang Power Cleans (165/95)

6 pushups

9 knees to Elbow  

1 Minute Rest

Post total rounds completed to  Post total rounds and any partial rounds along with thought to comments.

 For Hang Power Cleans –

Courtesy of

Miranda Oldroyd gives some good pointers for warmup.  Do a couple of sets of hand squat cleans to get your body used to getting under the bar. Notice she has a different approach to where she rests between reps.  That technique should only be attempted if you are at a high level of experience with this movement.  Most athletes will better be suited with  waiting until that bar is back at waist hight before you drop back into your dip/drive for the next rep. Regardless of tempo, you still need to ensure a full. violent hip extension to generate the momentum to get the bar moving upward.  Once you’ve pulled the bar as high as you can, get under it QUICKLY. Lastly, the hook grip will come in handy on these!

For Knee To Elbow –

Video Courtesy of Again Faster.  To string together Toe to Bar, the kip concet is similar to a kipping pullup.  Open the shoulders and hip/violently close the shoulder and hip.  This vid is a bit long, but gret tips in here.  Well worth watching!


Extra Credit:  Work full snatch (once again, for Extra Credit, chances are, this will be something you will have to work on after class is over.  we set this section up for the athlete who can give that extra time after a class to improve on some areas.  Also, for extra credit, instead of following what I post here, spend time working on a weakness)  But please make sure you do….

Cash Out:

Snatch Prep –

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  The first movement is great for releasing all those tense connective tissues between your neck and shoulders.  Spend a minute doing this. Next, get into the second position against a wall.  Once you wind up the legs, then force the butt down, push the elbows into the knees for a few seconds, relax for a second, repeat.  Keep that going for 2 minutes. Do position three for a minute per side. For the last move, move over the a rack to get your leg out straight.  Floss that hamstring!

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