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Monday 20120604 Open Workout

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We’ll spend a 10 mintues or so doing prep work for…


8 Rounds for Time:             

8 Front Squat(95/65lbs)        

8 Deadlift(95/65lbs)                        

Sprint 100m                         

 :30 sec Rest*

Each set of front squat will start with the bar on the ground.  It is acceptable to squat clean the first bar up and have that count as a rep.

*During the WOD, everyone will SPRINT the 100m.  The 30 seconds will be used to make your way back to your bar to prepare for front squats.  Even if you make it back to the bar and are ready to start, you must still wait 30 seconds before their next round begins.

Video courtesy of CrossFit One World.  I picked this video for two reasons.  First is the demo of the front squat.  Notice the rack position is maintained through the whole movement and in the beginning of the squat, what do you see?  Hips go back first then down.  If your flexibility does not allow this to happen, we’ll do some work after the WOD to help that.  And reason two, is the dead lift “What not to do” demo at the end of this video.  Epic fail.  Please, no rounded backs, no stiff-legged deadlifts, and no, no passing out into a face full of iron.

Post total time to comments/

Extra Credit:

Find 1RM strict press

Cash Out:

Mobility work. Improving front rack position. 

Video courtesy of SanFranscisco CrossFit.  K-Starr working external rotation with Games Athlete Spencer Hendel.  Team up and go through these movements to improve your external rotation on your shoulder.  Notice how with more flexibility, you improve your wrist position in the rack position as well.  You take any turn/kink out of the wrist, making it straighter, allowing you to hold the position longer under heavier loads.