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Thursday 20120628 Open Workout

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5, 5, 5+ max reps. 

You’ll use same weight for all sets, but last set will be for MAX reps.  GO ALL OUT!

Set starts every 4 min.

Pic coutesy of CrossFit Centurion.  Kelly Starret at a seminar demostrating imporper and proper positioning for a squat.  The mechanics of any kind of squat remain very much the same.  What I want you to focus on is the feet and knee positioning. Look first at the pic ont he left. At the feet, the toes are pointing fairly straight ahead and due to the funky positioning Kelly is in, the toes are going to start bearing a lot of the weight. That, as you well know, is a recipe for disaster in a lot of ways. We want to always turn the toes out at about a 30 degree angle. The body is set up to be this way naturally. Jump up and down and see where your feet are pointing when you land. Or if you are in a relaxed standing posture, see where the feet are pointing. Unless you are anatomically weird, this is the way things should work. In the pic on the right, the toes being pointed out allows the hip and knees to move naturally per the proper biomechanics of the lower extremities. The knees don’t want to be locked into a forced forward position, so turn the toes out and let them track normally. If you force them into this unnatural position, you can expect knee problems as the tibia and the femur flex and twist against each other. This is stress on the joint and all of it’s connective tissues and at some point under load, something is going to give. Not good…   The toes out will allow the knees to track comfortably out over and along the same angle as the toes. Again, this keeps the joint happy by letting things move as they should. The adductors (inner thighs) are nicely activated in this knee out position so they can contribute to the control of the descent and upward movement out of the hole. The adductors will become stronger over time and will help the knees stay out on the drive up which will keep weight distributed nicely across the foot in an even manner.   The knees driving in, as in pic 1, is a common thing with people who are not yet strong squatters with proper form. The body knows more power can be harnessed by using the quads to be the primary and dominant movers out of the bottom. The quads become involved when the knees and thighs are brought in. This takes the overall contribution of the hammies and adductors out of the mix and lends to that nasty torque and shear on the knee joint. The athlete needs to consciously think about forcing the knees out and weight on the heels as they come up out of the squat.   Lastly about the knees, if they are out it allows the athlete to sink into the “ass to grass” position, so long as they can maintain optimal back positioning. This added depth is due to getting the muscles, bones and connective tissues of the hips out of the way. Try squatting with your knees forward and feel the hip flexors and the joint run out of room. Then put the knees out and notice all those hindrances are now moved out of the way and depth is increased.

It is so important the your air squat technique be flawless to properly execute a weight-bearing squat successfully.  Therefore, practice, practice, practice!

Post weight used to  Post total reps from last set to comments


Row: 3000m

Video courtesy of Concept2 Australia.  Solid technique is the only way you’ll get a good time posted for a 3K on the rower.  Review this video and be ready!

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Extra Credit:

Floor Press

5×3 – Ensure you partner up for this one.

Video courtesy of Synergy Athletics. Need help on your bench press lock out?  Then Floor Presses are right up your alley. The set up is similar to the Bench Press, just now you are on the floor.  Shoulders are still locked back, still maintain a good soild arch in in the back with your butt firmly planted.  For the floor press, you can either have your legs out straght, or have your feet planted on the ground.  Use whatever works best for you. You MUST have a spotter.  The spotter will lift the weight off a low rack, and will re-rack when you finish. Once you have the weight, lower the bar down as you would a normal bench, having the elbows drop straight down.  Once the triceps are fully against the ground, press up.  DO NOT BOUNCE THE WEIGHT OFF THE GROUND!  Keep complete control of the weight through the entire movement!

Cash Out:

Roll Out Quads, 2 min per side.