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Monday 20120611 Open Workout

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This week starts our changes to Evening Open Classes.  We will now hold evening classes Mon, Wed, Thurs at 1730 instead of 1700 and 1800.  We apologize for any inconveience.

Also, we start our week-long Strength and Conditioning Mini Camp.  These two-a-day workouts will be at 0800 and 1600 M-Th and then a three-a-day workout set up for Friday at 0800-1130-1600.  See details here….

Back to today’s workout…


SQUAT CLEAN – Work up to 1RM

15 min time cap after movement prep

Video courtesy of Again Faster


12 minute AMRAP –

-1 Split Jerk from the rack @ 90% 1RM

-200m run


 Missed rep penalty =5 burpees

Post successful round to comments/

The last time we did One Rep Max on Split jerk was

9March.  Check your log books!  IF you don;t have a 1RM, we will take 5 minutes to find a suitable weight.

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Coach Bergener going over the fundametals of the Split Jerk.  Don’t forget the lunge, but time the landing right when you lock out your arms!  Also, don;t go over wide on your landing.  Your feet should be the same width apart as you would for regular Jerk, Snatch, ect…Shoot for no more than shoulder width.

Extra Credit: Skill: Pistols

Cash Out: Improving Split Jerk Posture. 

Mud People!  Pic of Coach Bryan post-Warrior Dash this weekend.  Great time for all who went.  Looking forward to more events like this in the future!