Wednesday 200120502 Open Workout

Posted: May 1, 2012 by totactfit01 in Uncategorized


Kettle Bell Swing (7 minutes)

Ever wonder why we CrossFit preaches KB swings overhead rather than slightly above head (Russian)?  Read this issue of the CrossFit Journal


Courtesy of Mercer Island CrossFit.  Dear Santa, I know it is only May, but could you please bring Kettle Bells like these to TactFit?


4 Rounds For Time:

Row 15 Cal

KB Swings x 15  @ 1.5/1 pd

10 Front Squat @ 95/75

20 Minute cut-off.

Record time/thoughts to comments/

Extra credit: 20 Turkish Get-ups

Courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  One of the more dificult techniques to master.  Watch Jeff Martone’s instructions

Cash Out:

Mash triceps/Roll back – 1 minute ea

  1. totactfit01 says:

    Got my WOD on at CrossFit Las Vegas. Good folks! Check ’em out if you ever come out this way.

    3-3-3-3-3 of weightted pull ups.
    Went 25-33-44-53-failed at 55.
    Followed by death by snatch (no jokes Sergio, I hear you snickering!)
    Weight was 95#. 1 rep first minute, 2 the second, ect….
    Made 11 successful rounds got 10 reps of round 12. Rough! But was the highest of the class. Showin’ them how CF TactFit holds it down!

    Expect to see some good times in today’s WOD from all you Tactfitters!
    Coach D

  2. Steve P. says:

    Great WOD yesterday! Starting to realize Will is an evil man…..time to prepare for “Barbara”

    Time-9:47 RX

  3. totactfit01 says:

    I’d say evil AND holds high standard 🙂
    Looking forward to the rest of this month!

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