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Friday 20120511 Open Workout

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SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT!  As you know, we have added an 1800 class M-W-TH.  I’m happy to announce that starting next week we will also add an 0600 Tuesdays and Thursdays!



Weighted Pull-up 6 sets of 3 w/30 sec rest

Use a band attached to a fixed weight around the lower lumbar. Make sure the pull-up is full-range

Try to increase weight every set

Video courtesy of CrossFit Little Rock.  Your pullups will be in this fashion.  Dead hang, no kip, and chin must go above the bar.  Keep head neutral.  No “pez head”, meaning don’t crane your neck to get it over the bar.


3000M Row for time

Please review our Rowing Standards instruction, put together by our own Coach Mieke.  This is the standard we want to see in our athletes’ form when they row, even something as long as a 3K.  The thing is, the better your form, the quicker you’ll be done

TactFit rowing concept

Extra Credit:

50 Dead Hang PU’s 

Cash Out:

Roll out back

Two of our newest coaches, Jason and Stephen, coaching the new On-Ramp.  We are getting more coaches added to our system.  What does that means for you guys?  More class options!  We have now added an 1800 class M-W-and TH.  Also I am happy to announce we now have an 0600 class on Tuesday and Thursday starting next week!