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Monday 20120514 Open Workout

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SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT!  As you know, we have added an 1800 class M-W-TH.  I’m happy to announce that starting this week we will also add an 0600 Tuesdays and Thursdays!


Today we will step away from our normal WOD set up to work on increasing our mobility.  This is so imprtant in your path to better fitness.  The more mobile you are, the better you will perform.  The better you perform, the better your results.  The better your results, the btter quality of life you’ll have.  Who can’t benefit from that?

Order of work:

Squat test- 25 Air Squats

Super Squat Hip Sequence – for those who haven’t done this, or forget how to do it, watch this(all videos courtesy of Mobility WOD)…

Re-Test-50 Air Squats

Roll-out Achilles on PVC(2 min each side) , Re-test-25 Air Squats

Couch Stretch- 2min side  , Re-test   – 25 Air Squats

20 Ring Pull-Ups (pull to low chest/ribs, like in a muscle-up)

– Scaling will be kipping pull-ups  trying to get hips to bar, or body row aiming for the same thing

Hanging shoulder band stretch-2 min side

See the 1:45 spot on…

20 Ring Dips

Lacrosse Ball – Shoulder Blades – Lay on floor with the ball in between shoulders blades and floss the arm back and forth                                         

20 Ring Pull Ups

Over-Head Barbell on roller- 3min – Example of this, watch at the 3 minute mark

20 Ring Dips                                                     

Mash Party!

The body parts you work are completely up to you.  Work on whatever is sore.  Find the spot and mash it!

Extra Credit

20 Single Muscle Up’s