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Wednesday 20120516 Open Workout

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SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT!  As you know, we have added an 1800 class M-W-TH.  I’m happy to announce that starting this week we will also add an 0600 Tuesdays and Thursdays!


Body Blaster (Burpee-Pull-Up-Knee To Elbow)

Courtesy of CrossFit FTF.  It is what it says it is.  A Burpee to a Pullup, to a Knee to Elbow.  Get used to these because…


For Time:

100 Body Blasters

20 minute time limit.

Standards for movements will be…

-Burpee – ummm…well, a Burpee. Get down, get up, jump  ’nuff said.

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  Yes, I know we’ve had this one on other posts, but Coach Paoli’s breakdown and emphasis on getting your hips off the ground QUICK cannot be overstated.

-Pullup – standard is kipping.

-Knee to Elbow – RX’d is knees touch the elbows

Scaling options will be presented at the WOD should you require them.

Enter total time and if you went RX’d or scaled to comments/

Extra Credit:

Barbell Row 3×5 @ 185/105

Cash Out:

Tabata – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest


twisting push up position (both sides for 8 sets)

hollow body position

Guess what all the cool kids are ordering?  A TOTF Logbook!  What better way to track your progress, have great tips and tricks, AND have one hell of a cool logo on your book?  See coach John H or Coach Mieke for pricing and detail info.