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Thursday 20120517 Open Workout

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SCHEDULING ANNOUNCEMENT!  As you know, we have added an 1800 class M-W-TH.  I’m happy to announce that starting this week we will also add an 0600 Tuesdays and Thursdays!



Points of Performance

-High Elbows (pic courtesy of CrossFit Raleigh)

-Maintain Lumbar Curve

– Crease of theHip must pass below the knee (pic Courtesy of CrossFit HQ)

-Keep Heels Down.  Only time they would be allowed if momentum takes them up at full extension

-Finish the movement Completely OverHead, with active shoulders (Pic Courtesy of CrossFit Cape Cod)




 Thruster @ 135/95/ Chest To Bar Pull-Up

Video Courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Chris Spealler giving some good tips to Pull Up Efficiency.  A Chest to Bar Pull Up is nothing more than a regular kipping pullup with a higher target.  The core movement that is in a strict pullup, a gymnastics kipping, and a regular kipping pullup stays the same.  In the warmup, try maintaining tightness on your core and feel that “spring” when you come down for your swing.  Then try a couple with a relaxed mid section.  Notice the difference?

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Extra Credit:

Work on Bridge

Pic Courtesy of

Cash Out:

Find you O2! 

I know there is a good sized group of you still going through our Paleo Challenge, please check out this site for some great ideas