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Friday 20120601 Open Workout

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Dead Lift – Set 3 Rep Max

Do reps of 7, 5, 5, 3, 3 increasing weight every set.

Sets start on a 2.5 min clock

Enter 3RM to comments/

Once you set your 3 rep max, take that weight, multiply by 3, then multiply by .0333, then add the original weight.  This new weight is your theoretic 1 rep max.

(Example: If you did 200 for 3RM, it would be 200[weight] x 3[reps]= 600 x .0333 = 19.98 + 200 [original weight]= 219.98, round-up to 220.  That would be your projected 1 Rep Max.  Having this formula would be helpful down the road, so I suggest putting it…hmmm…I don;t know…in your LOGBOOK! (shameless plug.  See Coach John for info on these bad boys)

Keep this number handy because….



65% 1RM (estimated) Deadlift

Wall Ball (20/14)

So 10 Deadlifts, 10 Wall Balls, 9 Deadlift, 9 WallBalls, ect…

Post time to comments/

Extra Credit:

Squat Clean Technique

Video courtesy of LoveFitnessEd.  Please pay close attention to the notes on the video.

Cash Out:

Roll Out your back

Picture courtesy of the Cornhusker State Games website.  This competition is coming up this July and will feature a CrossFit event.  There will be individual and team events.  I would like to see us put a team together and have folks in the individual competition as well.  Any takers?  Post thoughts to comments.

Also, more info can be found at