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Thursday 20120531 Open Workout

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Press – Set 3 Rep Max

Do reps of 7, 5, 5, 3, 3 increasing weight each set.  Last set will be your 3 Rep Max (3RM).  There is a 15 minute time limit.

Post 3RM to comments/

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Coach Rip hitting key points on a good Press.

Points to remember:

Core tight throughout the movement.  Also, lock the legs out and do not release them until your set is done.

Keep the elbows slightly in front of the bar.  A good way to do this is have your grip just barely outside of shoulder width.  When you grab the bar, try to push your biceps into your chest Keep the bar path in a straight line.

Don’t allow the bar to go out wide around your face.  Use the “double-chin” method to move your head out of the way.

At the top of the movement, don’t exagerate your position, meaning, don’t overly arch your back.  Keep your core tight.  Shrug up the shoulder, not just the traps.


Press 3RM for 1 rep On The Minute for 10 minutes….



(1 rep on the minute, add a rep each minute.  Continue until you cannot complete all the reps within the minute)

Post highest round completed to comments/

Extra Credit:

Find 1RM Jerk from rack

Cash Out:

Anterior delt rollout

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  No, you are not seeing things.  This is the same mobility work we did last week.  Why do it again?  Because it works and because we taxed the hell out of you shoulders.  You’re welcome.