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Wednesday 20120509 Open Workout

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ATTENTION!  There is now an 1800 Open Class on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I hear a guy who normally coaches the AM classes might be helping out today.  Just sayin’….

Also, look for a sign up sheet for purchasing our BRAND NEW CF TOTF LOGBOOKS!  Keep track of your progress AND be cool.  Everyone wants one.  Don’t be left out!  See the sign up sheet in the TactFit area


Skin the Cat

Video courtesy of Team CrossFit USA.  We’ll be going through these progressions today.  Things to remeber forSkin the Cat…

  • Start in a  a dead hang position with body hollow and hands turned out
  • Do a toe raise and allow the feet to continue through your elbows
  • Stay in a pike position and send toes toward the ground
  • Finish in a hollow body position and arms in full extension
  • Tuck your head in and bring thighs to your chest as you initiate the rewind
  • Finish with hang in hollow body position

Note: Allow the rings to turn freely as your body goes through the movement

Strict Muscle Up

Video courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.  In this video, Carl breaks down the key positions and angles for you to get your strict Muscle Up, along with emphazing the important of using the false grip and pulling to your rib cage or lower



15-12 -9-12-15

Kipping Pull Ups/Ring Dips

20 minute cutoff

Record thoughts/time to comments/

Extra Credit:

5 Kipping Muscle Ups

Cash Out:

5x100m Sprints

Pic of the 15April On-Ramp grads.  Show ’em some love when you see them.  Can’t wait to see these smiling faces in the Open Classes!  Welcome to the family folks!