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Thursday 20120510 Open Workout

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ATTENTION!  There is now an 1800 Open Class on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  What a better way to end the day then come in to TactFit and get in your WOD?!  It’s the new cool hang out!



Full Squat Cleans

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  Annie Sakamoto moving some weight!  Couple things to notice here.  She gets full hip extension to launch the bar vertical.  Once she gets it as high as possible, she pulls her body under aggressively, and gets her elbows up QUICK!  Also, pay particular attention the CFHQ logo under her feet.  Notice from start to finish, she does not move too much forward or back.  This means her extension is going as close to straight up as possible.  This is proper use of force.  No wasted energy jumping back or forward.  Take a few sets to really concentrate on form.  I would suggest using a LITTLE bit of chalk to mark where your feet are at in the beginging of the movement.  See if you can land in the same area.  Feel free to go heavy to get a good feeling on these, but no more than 4-5 sets as you must get ready for…


AMRAP 8 Min:

3 Clean/Squat Clean (get to depth in catch or after,.  Be best if it was in the catch) @ 155/105

6 Hand Release Push Ups

Record total reps to comments/

Extra Credit:

Find Side Split (stretch)

Video courtesy of PainReliefGuru.  Please work into this SLOWLY!

Cash Out:

Find your O2!  You’ll be prety taxed after this one.  Walk around, let your breathing come back to normal.