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Monday 20120507 Open Workout

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ANNOUNCEMENT!  Starting this week we will be introducing an additional Open Class at 1800 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  This is to open up more options for you, the Open Class Athletes.  Our hope is to even out the crowd so we don’t run out of equipment during an Open Class.  So, if this fits better in your schedule, please take advantage.


Prior to Skill work we’ll be working some of the following in our warmup

Video courtesy of Mobility WOD.  Up to the 3:30 point, pay attention to K Starr’s reasoning behind improving external rotation on the shoulder.  For successful overhead work, you must be able to get good rotation without impinging the shoulder or overextending the back.  The drills you see around the 3:50 mark are what we will be working.  The hollow rock work, I would suggest doing that after your cashout or before class.


Standing Press-Push Press-Push Jerk Progression

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  As a reminder, Strict Press is with no leg drive, but locked legs.  Push Press introduces the Dip/Drive/Press.  Push Jerk moves to the Dip/Drive/Press/Dip.  We will be going over the proper set up for all three of these motions as today’s WOD will be….


2RM Strict Press

Do two sets of 10 reps with an open bar.  Afterwards, you will have 3 working sets to find your 2RM

Once this is set, use your 2RM Strict Press weight for Push Press.  You will then have 3 sets to find…

2RM Push Press

Once this is set, use your 2RM Push Press weight for Push Jerk.  You will then have 3 sets to find…

2RM Push Jerk

Enter your 2RM for Strict Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk as well as thoughts to Comments/

Extra Credit

1 set:

Push Jerk

Max Reps @ weight used for first working set of Strict Press.

Cash Out

Shoulder Band Stretch

The Hendricks folks getting some aggression out on a tire this Sunday.  Thank you to all who showed up this Sunday for the Team WOD and thank you Coach J for organizing it.  As we have seen in the last few weeks, we like having a fun extra class on Sundays.  It’s a fun time for us to come in and just enjoy good community and good activity.  I’d like to ask you, the athletes, what kind of special WODs you would like to see on these days.  Remember, this community is your community.  We will only be as great as you guys make us!