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Thursday 20120503 Open Workout

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Kipping Pull-ups (10 minutes)

Video courtesy of CrossFit Innovate.  Go through the above progression.  Get the kip down first.  Feel both the hip and shoulder open as you go forward, then close quickly and powerfully on the way back, building momentum to get your chin up over the bar.  One big piece to remember is the pushing away from the bar as you begin your descent.  This allows you to “fall” back into the swing, giving a mini break before your next rep.  The only thing we won;t do from this video was her jumping pullups.  If you need to do jumping pullups, ensure you land with a bend in your knees, and arms fully extended.



5 Rounds For Time:

20 Pull-Ups

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Air Squats

3 min rest

(30 Min max)

Extra credit: 5x100m Sprints

Cash Out:

Stretch legs/back/chest