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Tuesday 20120522 Open Workout

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Pose Running/Chi Running Drills

Vid courtesy of SOF WODs.  With pose running, the lean should come from the ankles, not at the waist.  For the drills, we’ll spend a few minutes working the Wall Puull drill to get used to bringing the foot up in a figure-four position.  For the heel kiss drill, a good way to do this is with a jump rope.  You use the same quick/small heel strike when you do single unders that we want you to use in pose running.  Start by doing a few single unders, then lean with your ankles and let momentum move you forward.
The coach will goover the other drills with you in class.

Also will work on breathing …

(Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ, Coach Rip on breathing)

Yes, coach  Rip is talking about breathing through a lift, but the same principles apply.  Let the breathing be natural. Don’t let it get out of control as the WOD will be…


Run 5K

Compare to

Post time/thoughts to comments/

Extra Credit:

8 minute Core Grinder

8 minutes of core work. Continue to Move from movement to movement. EX; 1 minute flutterkicks, 1 minute butterfly crunches, I minute bicycles…..till the 8 minutes is up. Movements will be at the discretion of the coach

Cash Out:

Quad/Calves roll out

Our most recent On-Ramp grads.  Welcome to the next Evolution, folks!