Monday 20150309 Open Workout

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Carly and Christmas

Abbott and Costello look a little different these days!
TOTF alum Coach Carly Costello getting some knowledge bombs at Christmas Abbott’s Body Review. Love that she repp’d the Summer Showdown shirt for her Team Offutt family

Carly at The Body Review




5, 5, 5+

Add 5-10# from 20Feb. 

Click here to check that date

No rounded back folks!  Keep that form looking perfect!




Deadlifts 225/155

Double Unders


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Scaling Options:

PullUps – ring rows

DL – shoot for 60-70% of 1RM

DUs – 2X SUs w/10 min DU practice AFTER WOD


Yes, we know a lot of you just came off a good amount of pull ups on Friday (or Saturday or Sunday, depending on when you did 15.2) and are thinking “My hands can’t take this!”  First off, if your hands are not ripped up, then yes, you can take this.  Second, if your hands ripped during 15.2, then it is time to look at the mechanics of what you are doing in the pull up.  If you ripped, that means your hands are rotating on the bar, which is not good.  When you grip the bar, the hands should stay in the same place the entire time while you go through your pull up motion, be it strict, kipping, or butterfly.  Once you fix this, hand tears go away.


Pendlay Rows 3×5

Video courtesy of California Strength.


Roll out posterior chain

No fewer than 20 passes with a roller.


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