Thursday 20141030 Open Class

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Foam Rolling: Thoracic Spine

1. Start with the foam roller on the floor and begin rolling at your traps.
2. Slowly roll down toward the middle of your back.
3. You can place your hands on opposite sides of your torso, similar to hugging yourself, in order to expose of more of the upper back musculature.
4. As you encounter any trigger points, knots, or hot spots, pause on these areas to help relieve the tight bands of muscle.
5. There may be some discomfort initially but stay relaxed and you will feel the area loosen up.

Courtesy of CrossFit Invictus.



Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 Reps



yoga stretches

7 stretches

1. Downward-facing Dog

2. Child’s Pose

3. Pigeon Pose

4. Triangle Pose

5. Cat and Cow Pose

6. Upward-Facing Dog (forward fold)

7. Cobra (Upward-Facing Dog)

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