Friday 20141016 Open Class

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Leader Board for the October Fun Comp:
  1. Jason Howell 
  2. Brian Haggerty
  3. Dave Erickson 
  4. Bobby Smith 
  5. David Bacot 
  6. James Harper 
  7. John Pallumbo
  8. Jason Stiefer 
  9. James Zemotel 
  10. Eddie Weirick 
  11. Mark Williamson 
  12. Porter Munroe 
  13. Colin Barcus 
  14. Anthony Spaduzzi 
  15. Evan Friedrich 
  16. Homar Sanchez 
  1. Haylee Lawrence 
  2. Julie Rash 
  3. Demetria Munroe 
Remember to post your score to comments on Facebook! Top male and female will win a TOTF shirt! 



L-Sits Progression



Video courtesy of Reebok CF One.

4 rounds for time of:
45-second L-sit hold
135-lb. deadlift, 30 reps
15 handstand push-ups

Scaling Options:

HSPU – 1 Mat, banded (harness on rig); box

Deadlift to weight

L Sit (Full, 1 Leg Tuck, 2 leg tuck)



Video courtesy of CrossFit SanFrancisco.

The Simple Five Way Shoulder

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