Monday 20141006 Open Class

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October WOD Challenge starts today! Post your score to the Facebook post correlating to todays WOD! 



Video courtesy of Rouge Fitness.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull Drills

With PVC first, then Empty Bar – Focus on open hip and momentum



3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
75-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls, 21 reps
12 burpees, jumping over the barbell

Scaling Options:

Run – 500m Row

SDHP – 75/45 ->55/35 -> 45/25



Reverse Hyper 3x 12 – No to light weight


October WOD Challenge:

For the month of October (10/6-10/31) we will be doing CrossFit Main Site WODs. To make it more fun, we will be making it a fun challenge. After every TOTF WOD you complete you need to post your Name, Scaled or RX, and Score for the WOD on the TOTF Facebook post correlating to that days WOD. You have to post your score for that WOD within 24 hours. There are no makeups! (WOD posts at 8pm, you have until 8pm the following night) The male and female to complete the most WODs in the month of October wins a TOTF shirt! This is purely for fun and open to all TOTF athletes. CAN!
If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook! 
Team Offutt Tactical Fitness


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