Saturday 20141004 @ 0900

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Best of luck to Angie Hobbs this weekend at the North American Strongman National Championships! We are all cheering for you! 



Prep for…


Video courtesy of cp34g.

“Speal vs. Khalpia”
1 Clean & Jerk (155/105)

and a round of “Cindy”

2 Clean & Jerks

and a round of “Cindy”

…and so on for 10 rounds.

*A full squat is not required with the Clean & Jerks.
Post time (compare to Aug102013)


Scaling Options:

C&J: 135/95


Recover and prep for the next week


Coming Up:

TOTF Athletes, near and far-
Some of you may know that we are wrapping up a long strength cycle. You should all be seeing improvements and PR’s in back/ front squat, overhead press, deadlifts, snatch, and bench press.
While we reset for our next cycle we are going to test our overall fitness and have some fun! For the month of October (10/6-10/31) we will be doing CrossFit Main Site WODs. To make it more fun, we will be making it a fun challenge. After every TOTF WOD you complete you need to post your name, scaled or RX, and score for the WOD on the TOTF Facebook post correlating to that days WOD. It can be done solo, in class, in your garage (if you have the equipment) or wherever as long as the work is done. You have to post your score for that WOD within 24 hours. There are no makeups! (WOD posts at 8pm, you have until 8pm the following night) The male and female to complete the most WODs in the month of October wins a TOTF shirt! This is purely for fun and open to all TOTF athletes. CAN!

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