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Thursday 20140529

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2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucherpic courtesy of    Don’t forget, this coming weekend is the last week of Regional competition.  Watch it on the Games site!

Beginner: Dead Lift 1×5, 1×5+ add 10lbs to 22May weight

Intermediate: Dead Lift 5RM shoot for adding 10lbs

Post weight to comments/ LogWOD


*  The + at the end of the second set of 5 for Beginners means once you hit five reps, keep going until you can’t go anymore

Beginner = 6 months or less CrossFit experience

Intermediate = over 6 months


Back to the above picture.  Besides being a bad-ass CrossFitter, Julie Foucher has excellent form.  Look at her start position.  Back flat, head neutral, shoulder slightly in front of the bar, ready to pull!  Do likewise folks, do likewise.




4 Rounds for Time:

4 Handstand Push Ups

100M Run

8 Pull ups

100M Run

12 Hand Release Push Ups

100M Run

16 Air Squats

100M Run

20 Butterfly Sit Ups

100M Run


Post time to comments/ LogWOD




Complete in as few sets as possible:

30 Sumo Deadlifts @ 185/155 for Intermediate, 155/95 Beginner

50 Banded Good Mornings



Homework (done on your own outside of class):

Spinal decompression (hang from bar) – 3 min total hang  time

Roll out thoracic spine area





Now, normally I won’t post WODs more than a day in advance, but I want to get word out for as many as possible for this Saturday.  CrossFit Elkhorn is running a fundraiser for one of their own (see poster for details).  We reached out to them and will run a satellite version of the WOD “Eric” on Saturday.  Now, donations are NOT required, but if you find it in your heart to donate, we will have a collection bucket during the WOD, and will take whatever is raised out to Elkhorn the following week.  These are some of the great things about the CrossFit Community.  We don’t only work out and push each other, we do what we can to help those in need.  Hope to see you there…