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Tuesday 20120814 Open Workout

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On the min, Every min, for 10min:

1 Strict Press (85% of 1 Rep Max)

20 AirSquats

post successful sets to comments/

How would you find 85% of your 1RM on Press?  Oh, I don’t know, were you were last Monday?

Video courtesy of CrossFit Ireland.  As the narrator says, there are a million ways to mess up your press, and most do start in the set up.
So, before you press, make sure your legs are locked out, your core is tight, chest is up, elbows slightly in front of the bar, bar touching the top of your chest/collar-bone area, and your wrists in a strong position.
Watch the faults identified in the vid.  Don’t let these happen to you!


3Rounds For Time:

5 Back Squat (225/135)

10 Butterfly Sit-ups

Post your time to comments/

Cash Out:

Couch Stretch – 2 min per leg

Video courtesy of Peak 360.  Wondering if you should come in today?  Be like this guy….