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Wednesday 20120815 Open Workout

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Work Muscle Ups Progression (10min)

Remember where you were the last time we worked progression and achieve at least the same level but work to move up to the next level.

WeightedBurpee (5min)

The Weighted Burpee: To start (and whenever starting a weighted burpee) the athlete must pick up the bumper plate so that the hip is fully open, drop the weight, then they may begin the movement. The athlete will perform a burpee touching their chest and thighs to the ground, move to their feet, then pick up the bumper plate and move it to overhead. The standards for this movement are: 1) Picking up and dropping the weight to start. 2)Chest and thighs must touch the ground at the bottom. 3) The arms must be fully extended with the weight overhead.

Video courtesy of JiuJitsu Mania.  The movement will be simmilar to what you see here, minus the bosu ball under you. 


For Time:

Run 1 mile

10 Muscle ups

50 Weighted Burpees (45/25)

(16min Time Cap)

Add total reps (run = 1 rep) and post total to comments/

Cash Out:

Roll out from Shoulder to Toe

Pic courtesy of 55th Wg PA.  Our own Coach Vashon meeting the POTUS.  I can picture the conversation in my head…

The pres – Sure, I CrossFit!

Vashon – Awesome sir!  What’s your Fran time?

The pres – Son, that’s classified.

Vashon – Let’s go 2 min AMRAP Air Squats.  I win, I get a spin in Air Force One!

Just kidding man.  Very proud Vashon got to meet him.  Couldn’t think of a better NCO to represent Offutt.