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Thursday 20120809 Open Workout

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Ground to Overhead variations

Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  In this vid, some of the CF top dawgs going through variations of getting the weight off the ground, to the shoulder, and then overhead.
Main things to think about, no matter what version of picking the bar up is get hip drive!  The more explosion you have from the hips, the quicker the bar will get to shoulder or straight to overhead.
BEsides the variations you see here, you can you a power snatch or regular snatch to get the weight up.  It is quicker, but takes more energy out of you.  Which will you pick?  Here comes that stategy piece again! 🙂  With only having to do three reps before your walk and then having the rest time it takes your partner to do the same, doing a high power output to get done faster might be a good idea…but, is your endurance high enough to recover for every round, for ALL 15 minutes?  Decisions, decisions…..


Teams of 2 (each partner must complete the below for a round to count)

15min AMRAP:

3 Ground 2 OverHead (135/95)

25m Barbell Front Squat Rack Carry Walk (135/95)

Rules of Engagement for the WOD:

1. Only 1 partner can be working at one time.

2. A round consists of  – (A) partner 1 doing 3 G2OH, putting the bar in the front squat rack position (as demonstartaed by Coach Mieke)after the completetion of the 3rd G2OH, and then walking 25M with the bar in this position. (B) At the end of 25M, partner A sets the bar down, UNDER CONTROL.  (C) Partner 2, then picks up the bar and does 3 G2OH, setting the bar in the front rack position at the end of rep 3, and walking back to the where partner 1 started their walk.

3. Only 1 bar may be used by a team.  If one partner scales, both scale.

Post completed rounds to comments/

Cash Out:

400m Sprint