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Wednesday 20120808 Open Workout

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Ring Dip Technique

Video courtesy of CrossFit Park City.  Chris Spealler going over the RIng Dip Progression.  Step 1 in showing you can maintain a static hold at the top of the movement.  Step 2 is to show control on the negative part of the movement.  Descend until the top of your chest/shoulders come in contact with the rings.  Work on keeping the elbows close, not flare out.  Step three is to show you can do a jumping ring dip, holding the top for 1-2 seconds, dropping under control (but not super slow).  From here, put all of those together.  Start doing less jumping and work into a regular ring dip.
Points to remember, push the rings in, not away from the body.


For Time:

45 Thrusters (1/2 Body Weight)

Row 45 calories

45 Ring Dips

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Video courtesy of CrossFit HQ.  CF Games athletes Kristan Clever(2010 champ) and Katie Hogan knocking out some good thrusters.  Katie makes a good point on body position.  Although we want the elbows as high as possible on the descent of this movement, if you have a slightly more solid grip to allow you to keep going on the thruster, that’s fine.  Just DO NOT let the elbows drop too far.  If that happens the bar rolls too far forward, making you fold up the upper body.  Rounded back = bad form = potential injury.  If you are still new to this motion, I want your concentration to be to maintain the high elbows through the squat.
As Kristan mentions, think of getting a shrug prior to pressing to help get a heave out of your shoulders, results in the bar getting airborne.

Cash Out:

10 L-Pull-ups Unbroken

Video courtesy of CrossFit AllStar.  Points to remember in this movement.  Keep the body in an l-position, just like in L-sits.  Keep the legs straight, and parallel with the ground. Pull up until your chin is past the bar.  Get a hamstring stretch in BEFORE you attempt these.  IF you cannot maintain the L-position, use an assistance band to hold the position