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Monday 20120827 Open Workout

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Now, for today’s work…..


We will cover…

(Full) Snatch

Video courtesy of Got Strength Gym.  13 yr old USAW competitor Jacob Shreiber going through a full snatch.  Watch the bar path for optimal results.

(Full) Clean and (Split or Power) Jerk

Video courtesy of The Athlete Labs.  One of the best tutorials for Clean and Jerk around

We’ll be covering these two lifts because…


“CrossFit Olympic Totals”
The sum of the best of attempts of:


Clean & Jerk

This will run just like our other CrossFit Total WODs.  You will get three attempts at each lift.  After we warm up and prep for Snatch, we will go one at a time for the attempts.  Once everyone has gone all three times, we will prep for the Clean and Jerk.  Same thing, once we start the attempts, one person goes at a time so the coach can watch to give you a Good Rep or No Rep.

Your score will be your highest SUCCESSFUL Snatch added to your highest SUCCESSFUL Clean and Jerk.  Post this total to comments/  Post the separate lifts in comments on logwod.

Remember, you get three, AND ONLY three attempts at both lifts.

What we will be looking for to get a good rep is…

On Snatch:

Must be a continuous movement once the bar comes off the ground to when it is overhead.  This means, no pausing the bar at mid-thigh height.  Once the bar goes overhead, the athlete must lock their arms as they reach the bottom of a squat (crease of the hip below the knee).  The athlete must then stand up with arms fully locked out.  They will stand with hips fully opened at the top. The coach will then give the nod to put the weight down.  The athlete can release their grip from the bar once the bar is below waist height.

On Clean and Jerk:

The bar starts on the ground.  Once the athlete lifts the bar off the ground it needs to continue to move without stopping through the clean.  This means the bar cannot stop moving when it reaches mid-thigh.  The athlete will clean the weight up and drop into a full squat (crease of the hip below the knee) and catch the weight in a front squat rack at the bottom of the squat. The athlete will then stand up fully with hips fully opened.  From here the athlete can reset his or her feet  and grip to prepare for the jerk.  The athlete will dip, drive/press the bar up and then dip under the bar during its ascent and catch it in either the split or regular jerk position.  Once there, the athlete must show control in the jerk position and then stand with hips fully extended for the coach to give the nod to put the weight down.  The athlete can release their grip from the bar once the bar is below waist height.


Cash Out:

Banded Shoulder Stretch.  At Least 2 minutes per side.

So proud of the group who made it out to Victory Quest to run the obstacle course.  The rain and mud made it that much better.  Big Thank you to Victory Quest’s crew for taking good care of us and welcoming us into their home.  Good people there.  And yes, we WILL be coming back in the near future, with an even BIGGER group of TactFitters!