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Tuesday 20120821 Open Workout

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3 X 70%, 3 X 80%, 3 X 90%

(% of 1RM)

Post highest weight used to comments/


10Rounds For Time:

Run 200m

3 Dead Lifts (255/185)

Post time to comments/

Your path for the 200M run will be run down where we normally run for the 100M run, and then turn around and run back.

Do NOT get sloppy on the Dead Lifts.  Keep your back locked in for each set of three reps.  For your safety, if your form gets overly bad, you may have to drop weight.  Be smart.  Try the weight in the warm up and make sure you can handle it with good mechanics.  If you can, maintain those mechanics throughout, even if that means going slower in the WOD.  Safety first!

Video courtesy of Brad Gatens.  Do you have any of these common faults?  Illuminate them in the prep work!

Cash Out:

Use a lacrose ball on a box for your glute and hamstings


Our own Coach JP at CrossFit Verve with HQ Coach Greg Amundson.  JP is completing the CrossFit Kettle Bell seminar.  Got a feeling he’ll be coming home with a whole new bag of tricks to make us all better with Kettle Bells!